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I breathe - it is breathing me

This comparismet manages for me the view on the whole magic of duality in which we find ourself and which is mirroring back into the breath. The unconscious happens without any action from our side and we can bring step by step more into our conscious life and grow. It is neither right nor wrong to be conscious or unconscious and still we feel when the moment comes to make the next step. Consciously.

Through the connection of the simple presence of the breath I could feel the awakening of a conection into all areas of life bringing a lot of new possibilities. Naturally it brought up the topics relations, nutrition, fitness on abody, spirit and soul level, nature and environment, energy and resources, own interrests and talents and much more to be closer looked at. The great thing about the breath was always that he provided me with a lot of ideas and the feeling of certainty for the next steps to make which I honestly could expect.

                                                                                                                                                                Wolfgang Steiner

The breath is escorting you from your first breath and for your whole life. When you come to this world as a baby, you breathe naturally connected. That means that between the inhale and the exhale is no break. This natural breath is controlled from a very old part of our brainstem, the respiratory center.´Basically here happens a analysis of the level of CO2 in the body and that triggers the inhale. The inhale is always an active movement of many contracting muscles. The exhale, in a non stress situation, is a passive movement happening only by relaxation of these muscles. The balance between the active inhale and the relaxed exhale is an important balance. Stress is basically an important state to master your active life. In balance to that there must be always a phase of processing and to come back to a relaxed base state after such a stress. Is that not applied the stress will accumulate and we talk about cronifyed stress. This binds energy in the body, which you will miss the more it sums up. This cronified stress show in the breath as he stays more and more time fast and shallow and the exhale can not be passive but is also an active motion most of the time. At a certain stage you even do not find this relaxing phase while sleeping. The feeling of tightness and short breathing and therefore constant exhaustion shows up as a result. This exhaustion can be seen as base for getting more sick as age is increasing. The wisdom of breathing therapy is basically to make these energies available again. This is also happening in active meditations. In both cases we use the breath. On one side you do not need to breathe consciously but on the other side you can completely take over and breathe within certain boundaries. This mechanism we can use to connect consciously to body, spitit and soul. In this way you can connect to those stored energies, which you can release then.

When you breathe 12-18 times a minute that sums up to 17000-26000 times a day. Like that you can easely imagine that already a little change in the depth of one breathing cycle can have a noticable impact on the Energie which is available to you.
That goes in both directions, when you reduce your breath as well when you can increase and expand it again. Various breathing schools and meditation tecniques come like that in contact with our subconsciousness. Todays science can already describe and prove that this conscious breathing and meditations have direct impact on our brain and the control mechanism and hormons on a physical level.
E.g. the Amygdala, which is the center for fear and all reactions out of it, changes it´s size. At disorder of fear it becomes bigger and in frequent practicing of breathing techniques and meditation it becomes smaller. The size correlates indeed on how much fear you are experiencing. Panic attacks and a lot of other disorders are a direct consequence of this "Over fear". Also Asthma can be defined as such a disorder. When you experienced it once the fear of the next possible attack causes so much stress that this by itself can cause the next attack without external trigger.
According to that, with your breath you have access to areas which you otherwise can not access deliberately, though they change unconsciously automatically with each experience and adapt to the sum of all your experiences and they take direct influence on your actions and quality of life.

When you manage now to free these bound energies you can observe that your immunesystem gets activated and strengthened as well your selfhealingpower gets activated. You feel connected and participate in life more safe and more open. In old cultures we find descriptons saying that the breath is a relevant key for health on all levels. 

There is a lot of literature about this topic, so I want to point out one book which summarizes a lot of others and offers a wide overview about a lot of boosks with declarations of title as being well understandable and readable for the interested non-professional reader.

"The Handbook of breathing therapy" from Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann published by Param-Verlag

All content of this book is published here with the friendly apporval of the author.
Copies may only be made after the approval of the author.

In march 2018 I found Clemens G. Arvay, an austrian biologist who wrote a couple of books. He also wrote the bestseller "The biophilia effect", where describes how the human immune system reacts on the influence of nature and even communicates and becomes activated and strengthened. On a biochemical base organisms exchange information which primarely happens with the so called "Terpens". Through them these organisms organize their lifes like activation of protection mechanisms, For human beings this exchanges happens primarel over the breath.
I got attracted by this topic, because I work with groups as well as single persons primarely in nature to breathe through and to analize the topics. Since I know that there much more what is there for us I understand why this attracts me so much and why I do that.
Therefore I want to recommend also this book here.

"The Biophilia Effect" author Clemens G. Arvay published by Sounds True

Handbook of Breathing Therapy
Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann

The Biophilia Effect
Clemens G.Arvay

Overview of Breathing Schools
Over time quiet some breathing schools evolved and each of them aproaches target areas of application. The Integrative Breathing Therapy involves the possibilities and advantages of many breathing schools and develops itself further on the experiences based on the knowledge of modern science, e.g. brain or cell science. So the ATMAN education is contiuously evolving.
Meditations & Breathing Journeys
Conscious connected breathing  is the foundation of my work. By connscious breathing you can explore and resolve problems whose origins are in the unconscious part of your brain
Primarily I want to invite you to enjoy this path of releasing and widening of your breath and of your whole body. It will have a clearing effect on all areas of your life.

With meditation exercises you can practice and train with several techniques a conscious state of mind. 
The active meditation is much easier to practice for western people with their power oriented patterns, because the silence follows allways out of an active approach which we are well trained in.
I recommend to start silent meditation in a 2nd step or escorted by active meditations.

Breathing journeys is a form of integrative breathing where you can expand your breath and integrate this new rediscovered pattern.
Breathing journeys are either physical or virtual journeys as a breathing session very often is experienced and described as a journey.
I offer this possibilities in single sessions or in groups as the Meditative Chakra Trekking or The Worldwide Breathing Circle.

The Integrative Breathing session as the base element of breathing journeys:
During a breathing session you put your attention consciously on every breathing cycle.
As a starting position you lay comfortable on your back. The person who supports you cares about the setting and the safety so you as breathing person can completely concentrate on the breath. After a short introduction you start breathing consciously and connected. If there us any disturbance you let this happen consciously and without any longing you come back to your own breath and through this in this moment.

For me it is important to point out that nobody can achieve or plan any result out of a breathing journey. The breath is so comprehensive so he offers you where the journey leads you and that is actually the big present to experience that you can let go and there is a higher wisdom and power you can trust. Like that wishes and targets you wanted might clarify and change to true wishes. The wonderful thing about these new formulated wishes is that these are clear and much easier to fulfill than those before. My position is a supportive one to help the breath to flow where it is vsisble and feelable that there are blocks in the body. This brings this natural clarity into flow.

The connected breathing or circlebreath:
We talk about connected breathing when you leave the breaks between inhale and exhale as well from exhale to inhale away.
This form of breathing, which is close to the natural breathing of babies, leads often into experiences of birth where the name rebirthing is coming. Rebirthing is an early method of breathing and therefore as spectrum of experience a part of integrative breathing.
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